Flood Insurance in San Antonio

Texas is no stranger to severe weather and flash flooding. From violent spring thunderstorms to late-summer hurricanes, the potential for floods to damage your home and destroy your belongings is ever-present. And while your general homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, Pan American Insurance, Inc. is prepared to provide you with flood insurance in San Antonio, TX that will.
Flood Insurance

Protect Your Home From Floods

Flood damage is so much more than just a little bit of standing water in your basement. It’s dangerous flooding that threatens every part of your home and the after effects it leaves behind. Floodwaters, backed up sewage, inevitable mold growth and structural damage are all things you’ll have to deal with that aren’t covered by a general homeowner’s insurance policy.
Flood insurance is the next step in protecting your home against water damage in all its forms. With the right flood insurance policy, you’ll be safeguarded against floodwaters caused by all types of disasters: from this year’s mega hurricane to a burst pipe in your basement and beyond.

Supplement Your Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking flooding and water damaged are covered under their umbrella insurance policy. They’re not! Unless you’ve taken out special flood insurance, you’re vulnerable to water damage in all its forms.
Pan American Insurance, Inc. will work with you to identify the flood insurance policy that’s right for you. We can even help you understand things like flood plain certificates and flood insurance premiums as they relate to your current insurance policy or bundled coverage.

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover flooding, but that doesn’t stop floodwaters from destroying homes each year. If you live on a flood plain or are at risk for surging waters and flash flooding, reach out to Pan American Insurance, Inc. today about flood insurance. We’ll help you protect your home against water damage, through the right insurance policy. Call today at 210-979-7777.

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