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Pan American Car Insurance of El Paso –  

your local  insurance choice!

Our Goal Is 100% Customer Satisfaction

At Pan American car Insurance, we know you have choices. We want to be your car insurance in El Paso and the southwest region. Since we’ve been the leading insurance agency since 1988, we can offer cheap car insurance based on your driving record and can reduce your average cost for all your insurance needs. 

One of the ways we can do this is by bundling your auto insurance with other forms of insurance. Since many people in the region own their own homes, we can bundle your homeowners insurance insurance or renters insurance to reduce your costs and save you money on your auto insurance quote. While this varies by state, we can offer you the most competitive prices in the region because we shop around for you, giving the best price available. Contact Us today!

Ways you can save include: 


  • Bundling – By bundling 2 or more insurance policies for instance home and auto and save as much as 20% on your car insurance policy.
  • Good Driver – We reward good drivers for being safe on the roads! If you have    gone accident and DUI free for 3 years or more, you may qualify for more savings on your auto insurance.
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles – While you’re saving on gas and protecting the environment, you can also save on your auto insurance policy. 

The Agency That Cares

Pan American Insurance has partnerships with many of the top national insurance providers. These include: National, Progressive, StateFarm, Travelers and 21st Century.  That gives you a lot of choices, but you won’t have to worry about getting caught up in the confusion of searching through multiple policies. Our Professional Team  can pinpoint your best coverage options to make the process easy.

Rules of the Road: 

At Pan American Insurance, we work with each family to get you the best savings and benefits. Here are a few things we look at when we prepare a quote for you. First we look at your driving to quote you the Good Driver Discounts. These include: 

  • Being a safe driver for more than 5 years
  • Taking an approved Defensive Driving course give you an addition Discount
  • Family members under 21 can take approved Driver Training courses
  • Good grades Discount

Next we will look at the types of vehicles you have in the household. This helps us determine the type of discounts we can offer you based on the vehicles or motorcycles in the home. 

  • New vehicles, less than 3 years old (normally have Full coverage)
  • Used vehicles 
  • Total number of vehicles in the household
  • Number of Drivers and Minors driving the vehicles
  • Number of miles driven per year can increase your annual discount
  • Discounts for storing an insured vehicle (since we service a number of Military in the Region)

Another way we will look to save you money, is to see if you want to have multiple cars or services with Pan American Insurance. Depending on these factors, will determine the bottomline of savings. These include: 

  • Continuing a policy from a previous family member (10% Savings)
  • Remaining with Pan American Insurance will amount in a Loyalty Discount
  • Military discounts are also a way to save
  • By bundling Services you can save an additional 10%+

Finally, we will work with each client to refine for each vehicle and policy the terms and conditions that you require. There is no sense in offering you insurance that you don’t need. So, we will prepare a quote that will protect each of your investments from the very beginning. For instance, if you have a new car, most manufacturer’s require that you have “full Coverage” which is bumper to bumper. If anything happens to you, your family or someone in another vehicle, you will be covered and not have any liability. 

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How we will protect you: 

At Pan American Insurance, we want to protect you in the following ways. First, we want to protect your vehicles. This means getting comprehensive liability and collision coverage for your cars and motorcycles. This is to cover your vehicle or motorcycle if you are involved in an accident. Secondly, we want to protect your finances. We will do this by offering you the coverage that protects you to protect your personal finances. This is known as “Liability Insurance” and is required by most states. And thirdly, we want to protect you, your family and friends, and those in other vehicles. We will do this by providing you with personal injury protection, uninsured motorists protection, and underinsured motorists protection.

Living in the U.S./Mexico Border affords us a unique opportunity as well. In addition to offering the full line of auto and motorcycle insurance in the U.S., we are also licensed to provide Insurance that covers you along the U.S. Mexico Border. If you have a need for this type of insurance, we’d be happy to make you a quote and provide an additional discount for this added piece of mind. 

Local Insurance Matters: 

As your local insurance company, we will work to reduce your minimum liability insurance and quote you the best rates in the market. Depending on the auto coverage you require, will determine the type of insurance quote we can offer. Since we can offer you insurance in multiple states, we will look at the state minimums and help you with the best quotes available. 

Whether you are looking for our most basic Insurance starting at just $29 a month, or a more comprehensive insurance which may include renters insurance, liability insurance, and bodily injury liability, we’ve got you covered in El Paso, Texas and beyond.  If you have a claim, we will partner with you and help you with filing a claim. We are with you, every step of the way! 

Call us today for a FREE quote and you’ll be on your way to savings and peace of mind. We also offer home insurance, life insurance, and can protect you against any car accident you may be involved with regardless of the type of vehicle you have.  

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And remember, if you refer a friend or relative, you can receive a discount as well! Talk to you soon!