Important Steps to Take for Accident Claims in San Antonio, TX

Important Steps to Take for Accident Claims in San Antonio, TX

December 5, 2018

You’ve just been in an accident—what should you do? It can be difficult to remember the appropriate steps to take when you are feeling frazzled from an incident. Use the following guide to respond appropriately.

The best response includes safety, law adherence and a good plan for filing accident claims in San Antonio, TX. Keep in mind that your auto insurance in San Antonio, TX is designed to help you in these situations. To make the best use of your insurance and keep this entire process as smooth as possible, take the following steps.

1. Check for personal injuries
Are you hurt? Are your passengers okay? What about the driver and riders in any other vehicles that were involved in the accident? Your first priority after an incident is to assess the health of everyone involved.

2. Stay safe
After determining whether anyone needs medical assistance, try to get to safety. If your car is causing a hazard, try to pull it off to the side of the road. If possible, move people to the side of the road or onto the sidewalk.

3. Call for help
Call 911 to report the accident. Even if no one needs obvious medical assistance, the accident should be reported to the police. In some areas, this is legally required. The police will complete an accident report and document the incident. If police are unavailable, you can go to the nearest station and file a report.

4. Wait
Once you’ve called for help, wait safely for it to arrive. Turn off the vehicle’s engine. Turn on your hazard lights. If available, use road flares to warn passing traffic and keep everyone safe while you wait.

5. Get information
If another vehicle was involved, exchange information with the driver. Be sure to include personal information and insurance information. Get their full name and contact info, insurance company name and policy number, driver’s license and license plate, vehicle’s model and color and the location of the accident.

6. Document everything
To protect your liability and help with the insurance claims process, take careful notes about every part of the accident. Get the name and badge number of responding officers, as well as a copy of their report. Take pictures of the scene, the vehicles and all damage. Write down the names and contact info for all involved parties, including passengers. Speak to any witnesses and get their contact information, too.

7. Contact your auto insurance in San Antonio, TX
Notify your insurance carrier so you can start the process of filing an accident claim in San Antonio, TX. Your provider will help walk you through the rest of the steps necessary to complete your claim.

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