What Does Your Homeowner's Insurance in San Antonio, TX Cover?

What Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance in San Antonio, TX Cover?

November 20, 2018

If a disaster occurs, are you covered by your homeowner’s insurance in San Antonio, TX? It’s important to understand the extent of your coverage. Are you familiar with the terms of your policy and what damages will be reimbursed by your insurance broker in San Antonio, TX?

While policies vary, many items are fairly standard for homeowner’s insurance policies. Keep in mind that a peril must be specifically listed in your policy in order for costs associated with that type of incident to be covered. The following are situations that are typically covered by homeowner’s insurance in San Antonio, TX:

  • Fire: If your property suffers from fire and smoke damage, your insurance broker in San Antonio, TX typically covers the costs associated with this damage. This may include structural damage, damage to the land and personal property loss.
  • Weather: Storms are often the source of home damage. When wind or hail causes damage to your property, your homeowner’s insurance is designed to help you make repairs. This might include roof repair, siding repair or window replacement.
  • Winter damage: If ice builds up and causes damage to your property, or heavy snowfall causes a collapse, this is usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Water damage: This one can get a bit tricky. If you experience an internal leak, such as a burst pipe, your homeowner’s insurance will usually cover the claim. However, flooding is an entirely different issue that requires specialized flood insurance.
  • Theft: If you lose personal property to theft, you may be reimbursed by your homeowner’s insurance. It is a good idea to keep receipts and images on file for items of particularly high value. These items may also need individual riders to expand coverage limits.
  • Vandalism: When vandals attack your property, you can typically make a claim for these damages and receive reimbursement for damages and repairs. This might include broken windows, torn fences or graffiti.
  • Explosions: Gas lines or other gas explosions can cause costly damage. Your homeowner’s insurance in San Antonio, TX can help you recover your losses if this disaster occurs on your property.
  • Accidents: There are times when motor vehicles or aircraft cause damage to homes. If your garage gets smashed by a car, or an airplane clips your roof or crashes in your yard, your homeowner’s coverage will kick in to cover the damages.
  • Dog bites: Does your dog ever get feisty? Believe it or not, about one third of homeowner’s insurance claims involve dog bites. Most policies offer coverage for medical and liability in the event your dog causes injuries to a third party.

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